It looks like Apple, which has previously used only chips from Qualcomm, is now making a move towards Intel, whose processors will power at least some of the next generation iPhones.

According to Bloomberg, Apple will use Intel’s modem chips in the iPhones that will be sold to AT&T. It may look like a small win for Intel, but the reality is that the CPU maker has been struggling for quite some time now, in an effort to sell more of its chips. It’s also good news for the shareholders, who have been unhappy with Intel’s profits lately.

intel modem chips for iphones

So how will this move affect Qualcomm? Well, it looks like the business will continue to grow for them, mainly because they are also selling chips to Samsung, and the North Korean giant is doing better than ever, especially due to its fantastic smart phones. Some analysts suggest that Qualcomm’s modem chips are better than Intel’s chips.

Things aren’t working that’s fine for Nokia, though. The company may fire over 10,000 people in the near future, according to Reuters. Nokia has already fired close to 3,000 people in Finland and Germany a few months ago.

Nokia employs over 100,000 people worldwide, and is now trying to cut its losses to a minimum. According to them, the Alcatel-Lucent deal has led to redundant R&D and sales teams. The company has reported a decline in revenue, which was characterized as disappointing by Nokia’s CEO.

nokia sales 2015

Let’s move on with some positive news, though. Spotify has grown to over 100 million monthly active users. Sure, you would expect it to have a big number of users, because they are also offering a free service. But a big surprise comes from the fact that about 30% of the users actually pay for the service.

According to Mobile World Life, Spotify is the music service with the largest paid subscriber base. Surprisingly, its losses continue to exceed its income. Spotify has recently introduced its “discover weekly” feature, which provides custom music recommendations.

spotify revenue and income

Apple does not intend to make significant changes to this year’s iPhone, according to Wall Street Journal. This will discourage some of its fans, who were eagerly waiting for a new iPhone each year. Apple has a two-year product update cycle, so it may have kept some goodies for next year’s update, which marks iPhone’s 10 years’ anniversary.

What we know so far is that Apple will eliminate its own you out plug, routing the audio to the lightning port. This way iPhones can be made thinner and water resistant, a feature that some of its competitors have been able to implement years ago. Also, it looks like Samsung high-quality displays will make it into next year’s iPhones.